Debut LP done!

We've finished recording our debut album!

It's been a long journey with many lows and highs, and it's somewhat bittersweet and surreal to say it's finished. There's still mixing and mastering to be taken care of but we feel proud of what we've done so far and look forward to sharing it with all of you soon.

Despite our first official release coming out in December 2017 - the Howlin' Circus EP - we actually started recording this full-length album back in October 2017.

The EP songs were recorded a while ago back in London, England but only ever saw the light of day on CDs that we'd sell at shows (if you've still got one, send us a pic!).

The new 12-song album we've been working on started shortly after I moved to Canada from the UK. Some of the songs have directly come out from that journey, which started a few days after the Brexit vote and even included a long stay in Ohio during the 2016 US Presidential election!

Naturally, some of the songs deal with feelings of isolation and anger but there's also space for hope and celebration - I moved to Toronto in 2016 and met some wonderful people and made this album!

We spent a few days in the studio in Mississauga, Ontario and a few days in Chatham-Kent, Ontario. Between that there have been many rehearsals, many shows, many re-writes and re-jigs and a whole lot of love and pain.

Thank you for being part of this journey. All the lovely messages we get and all the people at our shows and the people who support our music by listening to it and buying our merch, have all contributed to this and we're so thankful.

If all goes well, we should have our debut LP released summer/fall 2018. Soon we'll announce the title of the album and give you a preview of the artwork and then *hopefully* release the first single from the album.

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Photos by Rhandy Adolphe

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