We have a website!


So we've been using our bandcamp page for a while as a website but we have an album coming out later in 2018 so we decided to get something a little more slick with our own name on it: howlincircus.com. Tell your pals!

You can get music direct from us now or bandcamp, or Spotify or Apple Music or whatever, but you'll still need to go to bandcamp to buy merch if you want to get one of our T-shirts.

So... what else?

We now have a mailing list you can join direct from our website. Join now and you'll get a free instant download of a demo track, For You. It's one of the songs we've been recording in the studio for our upcoming debut album (hopefully to be released autumn 2018) so you can get a listen before it comes out.

We'll also try to provide more meaningful updates here as opposed to theĀ usual Facebook posts and Instagram belfies.

Stay tuned.


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