Run The Wrong Way

Howlin' Circus

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The debut album from British-Canadian rock trio Howlin' Circus. Includes the singles Let Your Love Burn Out and Run The Wrong Way.

British-Canadian rock band Howlin' Circus took the hard road to Run The Wrong Way. Leaving the UK immediately after Brexit they set to work on their debut album in Toronto bringing a sense of urgency and soul searching into the recording process. Recorded in an old church in a remote part of Ontario, Run The Wrong Way captures the vulnerability, the anger and desire needed to produce a memorable rock and roll debut.

From the pounding driving rhythms of the title track to the haunting and grandiose closer, Hold Your Own, Run The Wrong Way encapsulates the divisive times we live in and the disconnect felt in our communities.

"It's about defying the expectations and noise that surrounds all of us. What we've made is something pure that hopefully cuts through the divide and lights a fire to bring us all back together," singer, guitarist Jafar Sandouk said.

"We started pre-production on the album In October 2017, when it was just Adam and me," said Jafar Sandouk.

"Jaf came to the studio with Run The Wrong Way, Let Your Love Burn Out, Your Light Keeps On, Westbound and For You already written so we got to work on those," said Adam Burnell.

In April 2018, the Sandouk had written several songs, including the six more that would complete the album: Say It Ain't So, Refugee Road, Hold Your Own, Spark, Love Can Wait and Take It On.

"We decided to get out of the city and work on the songs in this church in Chatham. We stayed for a few days and worked all day and all night. At the time we were looking for a bassist, because I was just recording the bass tracks myself and we knew we wanted to be able to play these songs live at some point!" Sandouk said.

"The following month, Bryan joined the band and that changed the outlook of the album. We spent the next six months re-working the songs as a band and re-recording the tracks," Adam said.

Released March 22, 2019 through British DIY label Big Sister Records, the album was mixed by renowned Canadian producer Brian Moncarz (Our Lady Peace, Moneen, The Trews), and mastered by Joao Carvalho.

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